Terms and Conditions


Payments can be made by:

  • Visa, Mastercard and Discover.
  • Check payments mail directly to: Rogers Inn 436 S Downing, Seaside, OR  97138

Reservations and Deposits:

All reservations require a payment to hold chosen dates.

If the reservation is more than 90 days away, a payment of $240.00 is due at time of booking.  90 days prior to arrival the balance in full is due.

If the reservation is 90 days away or less, a payment in full is due at booking.

Cancelation Policies:

  • Rogers Inn has a 60 day cancelation policy.  You must give us at least 60 days notice in order to qualify for a refund.  If 60 days, or more notice is given, all but $40.00, as a cancelation fee, is refunded.

    If 60 days notice, or more, is not given, then the reservation is canceled and all payments made are forfeited.  

Age Requirements:

You must be at least 25 years of age in order to make a reservation at Rogers Inn and have a valid credit card on file.

Pet Policy:

Pets are allowed in homes that are pet friendly only.  Pets are defined as a dog or cat and include no other animals.  Pets are limited to 2 pets per home and must be under 30 lbs.  You can contact the office to see if a larger pet would be allowed, but only with prior permission and registration.  Pet fees are $30.00 per pet, per stay.  Pet owners are responsible for any damage their pet causes and for yard pickup.  Pets are not to be left alone in the home.  If an unauthorized pet is found in a rental property that you are occupying, immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent may occur.  Pet fees are not cleaning fees but occupancy fees that do directly to the owner to encourage them to allow pets.  Pet fees do not cover any additional cleaning or yard pickup and the additional cost of cleaning and pickup will be billed to the guest.  Pets found in a non-pet friendly home are subject to a penalty of $250.00 per pet and the cost of a thorough deep clean which typically runs 2 times the cost of a normal cleaning.  Pets are not allowed in the home, garage or vehicles in a non-pet friendly home.  


We do want our guests to have a good time while on vacation in Seaside.  However, all of our homes are in residential neighbor hoods and tenants are expected to comply with the City of Seaside's "good neighbor" policies and respect the rights of surrounding property owners and rental guests. Unauthorized group gatherings in excess of the occupancy limit and gatherings involving excessive quantities of alcohol are not permitted in or at the property.

DO NOT MOVE THE FURNITURE.  These homes are decorated by the owner and the furniture is where they want it.  If you move the furniture you will be charged for moving it back.  Cleaning crews are NOT movers.
Maximum Occupancy:

All homes have a maximum occupancy either set by the City of Seaside or by the owner.  In either case, the maximum occupancy for all our homes is the most people you can have at any time in the home.  Maximum occupancies are not overnight guests. 

Unreported guests are $250.00 each per day and tenats are subject to eviction.


The maximum number of cars allowed at the property is also set by the City of Seaside and all vacation homes must comply with the City rules.  Cars must be parked off street at the home.

Items left behind:

Guests often leave things behind.  If you leave something behind and we find it during the cleaning process, guests should expect to pay the cost of shipping plus $20.00 handling charges.  If the item is not found during the cleaning process and you are requesting that we go back to the home and search for it, guests should expect that they will be billed for that time as well at $35.00 per hour, one hour minimum.  Rogers Inn is not responsible for items left behind or lost.

Violations of Policy and Procedures:

If guests violate any of the above policy and procedures, they should expect that they will be evicted and they will receive no refunds.

Check in:  4 pm
Check out:  11 am

Early check ins are not possible in the months of July and August

check in starts at 4pm.  On a rare occasion, we are sometimes unable to have the home ready by 4pm.  Rogers Inn reserves the right to have up to 6pm to have all homes cleaned and ready to go.

Office Hours/Contact Us
The office is located at 436 S Downing.  This is where you will pick up the keys.  Office hours are 9am to 6-7pm.  If we get all our check ins done by 6pm we will close the office at that time.  The office does close no later than 7pm so if you're going to be late contact the office for late check in procedure.  We will still get you in.  

Mailing address:  Rogers Inn 
                          436 S Downing St
                          Seaside, OR  97138

Phone::  503-738-7367 or Toll free at 1-888-717-7367

email: [email protected]